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laura's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in laura's LiveJournal:

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
3:46 pm
"...wanna be a balla..."
i live in charlotte, nc now...if y'all come down this way, let me know :o) 
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
4:09 pm
"...sorry to keep you up all night..."
...get out your calendars...

...exactly one month 'til my birthday...

...exactly one month and nine days 'til i graduate...

...i take cash and checks only... :P
Monday, January 23rd, 2006
3:06 pm
"...just like a prayer, i'll take you there..."

...let's seriously talk about how much the steelers suck...

...if they win the superbowl, i might cut myself off from society for a year and cry...

Sunday, January 8th, 2006
9:58 pm
"...and it burns, burns, burns..."
...not looking forward to dealing with those cocky, rude steelers fans tomorrow...

...i can't even tell you how much i hate that team...
Monday, December 5th, 2005
10:20 pm
"...i'm gone to find something to live for in this world..."
...my last entry was dumb...

...i'm going to do my best to not live in the "what if" but rather the "what is"...

...i think things will come to me much easier if i live by this philosophy...

...everyone go out and buy or borrow the book "the four agreements"...it'll change your life...just like the song "the district" by the postal service...actually, listen to the song while you're reading the book...i can't even imagine the utopia that may occur...

...stay warm, friends!...
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
12:01 am
"...the weak will seek the weaker 'til they've broken them..."
...do you ever feel that your timing is WAY off?...

...i do...i have the worst timing in the WORLD...

...if things keep going the way they have been for me in the relationship spectrum, my half-joking comments of being the cat lady with 27 cats living in a shoe, are really going to happen...

...then again, everything IS all right in the end, so i'll let fate do its job...but for the time being, fate's on my sh*t list...
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
3:36 pm
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
11:35 pm
...i didn't steal your boyfriend!...
General Facts:
Birthdayjune 2, 1984
Eye Colorblue
Hair Colorblonde
Saying You Are Known forah, balls
Dream Jobmodel
Job You'll more realistically end up withworking with women's issues
Current Employmentstudent
Interesting Fact About Yourselfi like dark beer
Moviesleepless in seattle
Book"he's just not that into you"
Comedianmitch hedberg
T.V. ShowLAGUNA!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoesmy pointy white heels!!
CarH1 hummer...army style
Song to Drive toanything from bob seger's greatest hits album...especially "mainstreet"
Song to Dance tolil bit
Song to Sing toboyfriend...ashlee simpson, i know...i don't tell that to a lot of people, so let's keep it on the DL
Song that Makes You Cry3 libras by a perfect circle
All-time Favorite Songplush by stone temple pilates
Which is Better?
Pepsi or Cokedon't drink pop anymore...so, i forget
Book or Moviemovie, of course
Bar or Coffehousebar
Sweet Tarts or M&M'sm&m's...peanut butter filled!
Beach or a Poolbeach
Summer or Wintersummer
Yes or Noyes
Cappuccino or Coffeecoffee
Random Facts
Right Handed or Left Handedright
Your Weaknessirish, catholic boys
Do you Swearyes
Do you Singyes
Do you Want to go to Collegei'm about to graduate from one!
Do you play an Instrumentyes
Scariest thing you've done latelyspoke in front of class
Do you miss someone right nowyes
First thought when you woke up this morning?do i have any voicemails?
Your Lifetime Movie title (use above site)Leave My Emaciated Husband Alone: Laura's Nightmare

Friday, September 23rd, 2005
6:25 pm
"...hate it or love the underdog's on top..."
Monday, September 19th, 2005
2:16 pm
"...i was the one worth leaving..."
...and you thought i had fallen off the face of this livejournal earth!!...

...no, i'm still here, i just haven't had much access to the internet, recently...

...much has happened since i last updated...i had an internship at the middletown hospital, this summer...it was amaaaaaazing and i wish i could be working there right now instead of sitting in the library at school doing busy work...

...also since the last time i updated, i have had 2 boyfriends, am now single, and just met a very nice gentleman who is cooking me dinner on thursday!...i also got 3 guys' numbers on friday night, because i'm a pimp...although i didn't call any of them, because i'm diggin' the new guy...

...i miss amy a lot...i would like to get down to EKU to visit her, here in the next few weekends...at least at some point before she comes up for halloween and the weather starts getting crappy...

...i've been attending the osu games for the past couple saturdays...we won't speak of the texas game...it deeply hurts my heart...ou kicked some pittsburgh butt a few weekends ago and then we thought we were sweet at football, until vt beat us, like 45-0 and then we didn't think we were sweet anymore...but give us a little credit...vt is a tough team...next we play kent!...

...i'm living with 3 of my girls, this year...we have a big 'ol house and it's amazing...especially the front porch...we practically live out there...we've also made friends with the 4 guys across the street...they're from marietta and they have ridiculous country accents and wear cowboy hats on occasion...they also make moonshine and call little bars in marietta "po-dunk bars"...we thought that was cute, so we call them the po-dunks, now...

...anywho, mondays are awful for me...i have class 11-1, 3-7, and 7-9...think about that and tell me it doesn't suck a lot...by the way, that is one class from 3-7...crazy...

...brother jed, this crazy guy that comes to campus once or twice a year and preaches and tells everyone they're going to hell, is here today on college green...last year he told me i was going to hell, because i was wearing a skirt that was too short...good stuff...

...well, just thought i'd give a quick update...let ya know i'm still around and kickin'...keep it real kids, and andy, keep having dreams about me...
Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
7:24 pm
"...if you don't know, honey, then you don't..."
A is for age: 21
B is for boyfriend: single and ready to mingle
C is for career: something i'm not worrying about until i'm out of college
D is for dad's name: larry
E is for essential item to bring to a party: myself...a party without laura just isn't a party
F is for favorite song at the moment: the whole older jimmy eat world cd
G is for girlfriend: amy and molly...just like amy, i also can't handle monogamy
H is for hometown: middletown, ohio.
I is for instruments you play: ever seen a hot blonde play french horn?...now you can...way hot
J is for jam or jelly you like: blackberry
K is for kids: K is for keep your annoying kids away from me
L is for living arrangements: home for the summer, then the bacholerette pad in the fall w/the heathers and kelly...watch out OU!!
M is for Mother's name: cam
N is for name of your best friend: (reference letter G)
O is for overnight hospital stays: not yet
P is for phobia[s]: large bodies of water where i can't see the bottom
Q is for quote you like: "i had ribs for dinner...that's why i'm doing this"
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: haha...bobby!...God love him
S is for sexual position: riiiiight
T is for time you get up: 7 for work...9 or 10 any other day
U is for unique trait(s): ability to make guy apponents miss their shots when playing beer pong against me...it's a gift
V is for vegetable you love: carrots!
W is for worst habit: nail biting and constant lipstick application
X is for x-rays you've had: teeth...maybe some other stuff when i was younger
Y is for yummy food you make: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...hot dogs?...sometimes macaroni...HA!
Z is for zodiac sign: geminiiiiiiiiiiiii
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
1:31 pm
"...i wanna yell it from the rooftops..."
...well, it's that time of year, again...i chalk up another year of my life in this world...well, tomorrow i do...actually, in 10 hours i do...

...but this one's really a doozy...the big two one...a birthday with signifigance...no more worries of getting slapped with an underage consumption fine or "knowing people" that work the doors at bars in order to get in...this is it, and as my friend so lovingly informed me of today, "it only goes downhill from here"...i laughed off his pessimism, though, because i think that the best is yet to come...

...the journey into the real world is so close i can smell it...it smells pleasant a lot of the time, but it also smells like sewage every now and then, too...i do, but i don't want to leave college...although, i still have an entire year before that happens, so i should stop focusing on that right now and get back to focusing on my journey into the bars...

...tomorrow, the pre-game party of the century will be taking place at my residence, here in a-town, because, yes, i'm still in school...there will be fun and games from 6 to 8 with a little beer pong and some cornhole, then it's off to the bars we go where i will be bombarded with the free drinks i BETTER get that night from my dear friends...my blonde haired friend heather (whom is often mistaken as my twin sister) and i have made fantastic shirts to wear out, tomorrow...we bought some black wife-beaters and some iron-on sparkly silver letters and made ourselves some shirts that say "go blonde or DYE tryin"...get it?...we're very proud blondes...now, my brunette friend, heather on the other hand, will be sporting my "blondes do it better" t-shirt, because we thought it would be hilarious...

...anywho, it's off to class i go, then time to get all rested up for my big day!!!...
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
5:25 pm
"...it's like i can't breathe..."
...one week and four days 'til my 21st!!!!...
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
8:13 pm
"...'cause this is the hardest thing i've ever done before..."
...EXACTLY one month 'til the big two one!!!...i can already smell applebee's super sweet happy hour deals, this summer...mmmmmmmm...
Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
9:57 pm
"...it's this one thing you did..."
DMBgirl6284: i love you
Archwyrm: whats up my little laura?
DMBgirl6284: well, my sweet joe...
DMBgirl6284: i'm sitting here thinking about your glowing face
Archwyrm: oh is that so my beautiful daughter of god, you missed a great party this weekend....
DMBgirl6284: well
DMBgirl6284: ...
DMBgirl6284: i wasn't there, so it wasn't that great

...not too much to say...just thought that was funny...
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
7:43 pm
"...you're always there, you say you care..."
...so my buddy's in iraq and he IMed me, so i thought i'd ask him about camel spiders, because my ex told me about 'em when he was in iraq...

DMBgirl6284: have you seen a camel spider yet?
JdKrk: yep
DMBgirl6284: iiiiiiiiiiiick
DMBgirl6284: i just made myself feel gross talking about it
JdKrk: this one wasnt really big
JdKrk: he was only as big as my hand

...isn't that SICK?!...that's HUGE...i don't even know why i asked him about them...i feel like they're crawling all over me, now...

...moving on...saturday, i went on the best date of my LIFE...i called my brother and told he and his girlfriend to find me a hot date for the weekend from OSU...i had met a guy that bro's gf went to high school with, once, but didn't really get to know him, so i said, "how 'bout that little hottie i met at that party that one time."...oddly enough, he knew who i was talking about, so they set it up...

...so i met this gentleman, steven, at a restaraunt where his brother is the bartender...we exchanged friendly banter and had a drink...we then proceeded to Mitchel's Steak House in downtown c-bus...it was fancy as hell and had val...valll...you know, that parking where they park your car for you...i know what the word is i just don't know how to spell it...and that's why i dropped french class...BUT ANYWAY...it had that...and we walked in the door and the guy's all, "we've been waiting for you" and seats us at a table with a bottle of champagne already there...he said it was compliments of the house...turns out 2 of steven's friends that work there bought it for us in celebration of him taking a girl on a date for the first time in, like, 2 years...THEN...the chef comes over and is all, "we've made you each an appetizer of lobster tail (and some other stuff) on the house"...so we're money right now with the lobster and champagne...so then steven orders us each a glass of the best wine i've ever had...we eat...and we head to a bar to meet up with some friends...

...this is no ordinary bar...it's called Miranova and it's in downtown c-bus somewhere...val...vallllll...that parking again...and it's straight up Sex and the City material...leather seats and booths...like, serene music goin' on with a live dj...the wall behind the bar changed colors...like, THE WHOLE WALL...and it had a flatscreen tv on it with scenes of skies and prairies and stuff...and the dude beside us bought a $30.00 shot!...crazy...

...so anywho...best date ever...hopin' he'll call me again...if not, that's cool too, i guess...it was still a sweet date...

...oh, and thanks to amy, i now know it's spelled "valet"...you're my girl, amy...
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
11:43 am
"...and it's you..."
...ah, spring quarter...

...it's a beautiful day outside...and here i am, sitting in the library...

...today, i decided to change my major from the broad "sociology" to "women in society"...this a major i'm creating for myself within the college of bachelors of specified studies...should be neat...quite a process, but my advisor's very helpful...

...i want to send a shoutout to my top cat, nick...he's coming all the way from michigan to be my date for my cousin's wedding on the 23rd...so this means i can stop accepting applications and conducting interviews...thanks nick!...

...i told myself i would never do it, but i've joined that damn facebook crap and i can't get enough...i'm sure it'll lose it's flavor soon, but for now, it's addicting!...

...i love molly mcgraw...i've never had a friend that's cared so much about me...shoutout to you, too!...and she's coming to visit in 2 weeks!...

...enough of this library, i'm done with classes so i'm going to enjoy the sunshine!...
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
10:56 am
"...where is your heart, 'cause i don't really feel you..."
Congratulations! You're 102 proof, with specific scores in beer (40) , wine (16), and liquor (78).
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You scored higher than 14% on proof

You scored higher than 86% on beer index

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Link: The Alcohol Knowledge Test written by hoppersplit on Ok Cupid
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
12:40 am
"...i will not make the same mistakes that you did..."
...the past few days have been rough...

...i'm doing all i can to make it appear as if this break-up isn't bothering me...bad idea...to accurately pinpoint how i feel about it, refer to the lyrics from "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson...

...i think what is bothering me most about all of this is that it just seemed like i had put so much heart into this relationship thinking this guy was "the one" and then all of the sudden, bam..."peace out, i'll never see you again."...

...and that was it...he had nothing to say to me before i left...he just looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, whether they were truely dishearted or not, and didn't say a damn thing...

...i know what you're all thinking...

...you're thinking that this is yet another boy problem for laura's never-ending list of boy problems...you've all put up with my complaints since 2000 when i started this damn journal...i don't intend to stop anytime soon...

...and so you're all thinking that i'll find another boy (or he'll find me) to love...and if i do, i think that'd be terrific...

...the truth of the matter is that i've only loved twice...bob and james...so this one, naturally, hurts more than many of the other ones...

...well, anyway, i've decided to continue my flings with bob whenever we're home for break...i'm excited for the summer :-)...
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
12:50 pm
"...never fall...again..."
...i got dumped...

...lessons learned from this experience:

1. never date a politician

2. "players only love you when they're playin'"

3. wait at least 600 years before getting close to someone...that shows devotion on their part and it's obvious that they don't think you're "in their way"...they enjoy having you around and proudly show you off as their girlfriend

4. never accept a guy who blatently flirts with other girls in front of you, doesn't tell them you're his girlfriend, admits he's doing it, and says, "i do it to get the female votes"

5. never get to the point where you love that person so much that you apologize because you feel guilty for being jealous of the latter lesson #4

6. never fall in love

7. never date...ever

8. be the cat lady...her 27 cats never let her down

...the truth of the matter is that he wasn't a jerk before this election (student senate president for his college) started...he became a nazi about the campaign and he was convinced he didn't need anyone but himself to get what he wanted...i would even be willing to say that after the election is over, he will go back to being the fun-loving guy i fell in love with...but i guess i'll never know...

...although he was known to be a player before i met him, i do believe his words and gifts were sincere, but i'm sick of just being a girl who's nice to have around at a time that's convenient for a guy...i always believed there was someone for everyone...i'm beginning to doubt that, now...

...and so laura's single life spring party will begin again...spring quarter is a time for rejuvenation...the weather's better, i'll be turning 21, i go to an awesome college where i have great friends, and it's almost time for amy to get back for the summer when we'll have the sweetest summer ever...two 21 year old, fine, single ladies hittin' the town...

...but for now, the day after the break-up, i miss the boy and at the same time, i'm furious with what he has done to me and who he's become, lately...

...it hurts when someone tells you they don't want you around, ya know?...
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